Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Private Pilot License (PPL)

The Private Pilot License (PPL) is the foundational pilot license in Canada.  It is recognized internationally, and as such allows you to fly both inside and outside of Canada.  

With a Private Pilot License, you can fly any single engine airplane and take multiple passengers along with you.  This license also allows for the addition of several ratings, such as a multi-engine or night rating (see our ratings page for more info), and will be the first license you obtain along the path to become a Commercial Pilot if that is your goal.  

The main restriction of the Private Pilot License is that you cannot fly for hire.

  • Age

    • 14 years to fly solo
    • 17 years for licensing

  • Medical Fitness

    • Category 1 or 3 Medical Certificate

  • Knowledge

    • Minimum of 90% on the Pre-Solo Test of Air Regulations (PSTAR) Exam

    • Minimum of 40 hours of Ground School covering:
      • Canadian Aviation Regulations
      • Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight
      • Meteorology (Weather)
      • Airframes, Engines and Systems
      • Flight Instruments
      • Radio and Electronic Theory
      • Navigation
      • Flight Operations
      • Licensing Requirements
      • Human Factors, including pilot decision-making

    • Minimum of 60% on the Private Pilot License - Aeroplane (PPAER) Exam

  • Experience

    • Minimum of 45 hours total flight training time including a minimum of:
      • 17 hours dual flight time (with an instructor), including: 
        • a minimum 3 hour cross-country flight
        • a minimum of 5 hours instrument time
      • 12 hours solo flight time, including:
        • 5 hours of cross-country flight of a minimum of 150 nautical miles
          with 2 full stop landings

  • Skill

    • Successful completion of a flight test

  • More Information

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